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Our wine expert will host a professional and interactive event personalized to your needs.

For your team

Activities That Strengthen Your Bond With Your Team Members.

Dégustation de vin Team Building en entreprise


Are you looking for a unique way to boost your team's collaboration, boost morale, and improve engagement? Our sommelier knows how to combine the pleasure of tasting with the art of team spirit.

Dégustation de vin pour dire merci en entreprise

SAY  "Thank You!"

What better way to boost the spirit of your team, with one of our ' staff rewards ' tasting events . These fun and interactive events take your team on a discovery of exceptional wines from around the world.

Dégustation de vin fête de Noël en entreprise


Are you looking for a Christmas party for your company? Our tastings are perfect for any end of year work function. Have fun with fun holiday-themed wine challenges curated by our wine expert.

From $19 / pers.

Fully tailor-made services to meet all your needs! 🤗

To attract customers

Impress with activities that make them want to do business with you.

Dégustation de vin évènement clients en entreprise


Looking to engage your customers and strengthen your relationships? Our expert wine presenter and business entertainer will create a professional and interactive event to suit any budget.

Dégustation de vin lancement de produits en entreprise


To make your product launch more distinctive, we will host a tasting event using wine analogies to highlight the quality and differentiation of your product.

Dégustation de vin évènement sur mesure en entreprise


Whatever your requirements, VIN & WINE will create a personalized event. Choose your budget, wine preferences, venue options, accompaniments, on-site or virtual... you decide, we'll help you make it happen.

At home, at your business premise, hotel or restaurant.

We travel everywhere in Quebec and Ontario. Montreal and Regions.

Dégustation de vin au bureau salle de réunion
  • at your office
  • meeting room 
  • dining room
Dégustation de vin Salle de réception hôtel
  • reception room
  • hotel
  • restaurant
Dégustation de vin résidence privé jardins
  • private residence
  • gardens
  • art galleries

Impress your guests

or it's FREE!


Different styles of wine tasting / workshop / event

  • Dinners
  • Cocktails
  • Catering
  • Aperitifs 5 to 7
  • Themed events
  • Food/wine, chocolate and/or cheese pairings
  • Gala
  • Discovery of wines and sensory analysis (visual, olfactory, taste)
  • Games and entertainment around wine

You will enjoy a tasting...

  • perfectly suited to your needs
  • passionate and entertaining
  • educational and fun
  • interactive and engaging
  • suitable for beginners and wine connoisseurs

All your guests will THANK YOU for learning how to...

  • properly prepare, serve and store wine
  • become familiar with the different qualities of wine
  • understand their palate
  • choose wines they are more likely to enjoy
  • master the basics of wine pairing and much more.

You are in good hands.

More than 900 tastings / wine events since 2011 in Quebec and Ontario.
Vast success for many companies of all sizes.

atelier vin corporation dégustation

Wine Tasting Styles

Familiar and friendly environment

  • In a conference room at your office
  • In the center of the buffet-style table, a display of pâtés, sausages, pizza, quiche, etc.
  • Wines are served while we taste food pairings and learn

Welcome to your table

  • You ask your colleagues to bring their favorite dish
  • We accompany the wines in perfect harmony with your dishes
  • Learn by sharing and exchanging your observations and questions about wines


  • We take care of the organization of the menu and/or the canapés
  • From $19 per person
  • Wide variety of the best caterers at the Atwater market and others
  • Relax and let us take care of everything

At a Bring-Your-Own-Wine restaurant

  • Near your office or elsewhere
  • Receive suggestions from restaurants we regularly work with
  • We can take care of the reservation and the organization of the menu
  • Be our guest in your favorite restaurant

From $19 / pers.

depending on the number of wines and guests.
Our prices are the most competitive or we will refund the difference. Click here ⬇︎ for more details.

Dany Gagnon atelier cours vin corporation dégustation saveurs SAQ mets vins Québec corporatif

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